Welcome to iglubu!

Pronounced "i-glub-u", the name literally means "I love you". iglubu was started in 2005, by Lili Nedved, as an extension of her love for sewing, creating, and crafty materials.

Lili Nedved is self proclaimed as having, “crafty ADD”. She is inspired daily by fashion, nature and the media. Each of these items contributes to her products, and her need to try new designs and techniques means there will always be something fresh on the website. For iglubu, anything from handbags to felt pins, or makeup bags to aprons can be seen. Lili is currently obsessed with Chihuahuas, vintage bicycles and reading magazines in the sunshine.

It's been a long road to get here. Now, with my website, I get to enjoy a relationship with you, and create handmade things that I hope you will love as much as I do.

Thanks for shopping at iglubu--each piece made with an extra scoop of love!

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